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Plastic Codes is a free plastic exchange where you can place any adverts to buy and sell all makes of plastics for free. Companies can then bid to buy your plastic or they can bid to supply you with plastic. You can set the types of plastics that are of interest to you when you join so that you are emailed as soon as a new advert is placed. Join today remember its free!
Sell ABS
ABS Scrap
Buy ABS Scrap
Sell ABS Scrap
ABS Virgin
Buy ABS Virgin
Sell ABS Virgin
ABS Off Spec
Buy ABS Off Spec
Sell ABS Off Spec
ABS Regrind
Buy ABS Regrind
Sell ABS Regrind
ABS Compounded
Buy ABS Compounded
Sell ABS Compounded
ABS Recycled Plastic
Buy ABS Recycled Plastic
Sell ABS Recycled Plastic
ABS Polymer
Buy ABS Polymer
Sell ABS Polymer
ABS Plastic
Buy ABS Plastic
Sell ABS Plastic
ABS Injection Moulding Grade
Buy ABS Injection Moulding Grade
Sell ABS Injection Moulding Grade
ABS Blow Moulding Grade
Buy ABS Blow Moulding Grade
Sell ABS Blow Moulding Grade
ABS Film Grade
Buy ABS Film Grade
Sell ABS Film Grade
Buy PA
Sell PA
PA Scrap
Buy PA Scrap
Sell PA Scrap
PA Virgin
Buy PA Virgin
Sell PA Virgin
PA Off Spec
Buy PA Off Spec
Sell PA Off Spec
PA Regrind
Buy PA Regrind
Sell PA Regrind
PA Compounded
Buy PA Compounded
Sell PA Compounded
PA Recycled Plastic
Buy PA Recycled Plastic
Sell PA Recycled Plastic
PA Polymer
Buy PA Polymer
Sell PA Polymer
PA Plastic
Buy PA Plastic
Sell PA Plastic
PA Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PA Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PA Injection Moulding Grade
PA Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PA Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PA Blow Moulding Grade
PA Film Grade
Buy PA Film Grade
Sell PA Film Grade
Buy PC
Sell PC
PC Scrap
Buy PC Scrap
Sell PC Scrap
PC Virgin
Buy PC Virgin
Sell PC Virgin
PC Off Spec
Buy PC Off Spec
Sell PC Off Spec
PC Regrind
Buy PC Regrind
Sell PC Regrind
PC Compounded
Buy PC Compounded
Sell PC Compounded
PC Recycled Plastic
Buy PC Recycled Plastic
Sell PC Recycled Plastic
PC Polymer
Buy PC Polymer
Sell PC Polymer
PC Plastic
Buy PC Plastic
Sell PC Plastic
PC Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PC Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PC Injection Moulding Grade
PC Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PC Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PC Blow Moulding Grade
PC Film Grade
Buy PC Film Grade
Sell PC Film Grade
HDPE Scrap
Buy HDPE Scrap
Sell HDPE Scrap
HDPE Virgin
Buy HDPE Virgin
Sell HDPE Virgin
HDPE Off Spec
Buy HDPE Off Spec
Sell HDPE Off Spec
HDPE Regrind
Buy HDPE Regrind
Sell HDPE Regrind
HDPE Compounded
Buy HDPE Compounded
Sell HDPE Compounded
HDPE Recycled Plastic
Buy HDPE Recycled Plastic
Sell HDPE Recycled Plastic
HDPE Polymer
Buy HDPE Polymer
Sell HDPE Polymer
HDPE Plastic
Buy HDPE Plastic
Sell HDPE Plastic
HDPE Injection Moulding Grade
Buy HDPE Injection Moulding Grade
Sell HDPE Injection Moulding Grade
HDPE Blow Moulding Grade
Buy HDPE Blow Moulding Grade
Sell HDPE Blow Moulding Grade
HDPE Film Grade
Buy HDPE Film Grade
Sell HDPE Film Grade
LDPE Scrap
Buy LDPE Scrap
Sell LDPE Scrap
LDPE Virgin
Buy LDPE Virgin
Sell LDPE Virgin
LDPE Off Spec
Buy LDPE Off Spec
Sell LDPE Off Spec
LDPE Regrind
Buy LDPE Regrind
Sell LDPE Regrind
LDPE Compounded
Buy LDPE Compounded
Sell LDPE Compounded
LDPE Recycled Plastic
Buy LDPE Recycled Plastic
Sell LDPE Recycled Plastic
LDPE Polymer
Buy LDPE Polymer
Sell LDPE Polymer
LDPE Plastic
Buy LDPE Plastic
Sell LDPE Plastic
LDPE Injection Moulding Grade
Buy LDPE Injection Moulding Grade
Sell LDPE Injection Moulding Grade
LDPE Blow Moulding Grade
Buy LDPE Blow Moulding Grade
Sell LDPE Blow Moulding Grade
LDPE Film Grade
Buy LDPE Film Grade
Sell LDPE Film Grade
Buy LLDPE Scrap
Sell LLDPE Scrap
LLDPE Virgin
Buy LLDPE Virgin
Sell LLDPE Virgin
LLDPE Off Spec
Buy LLDPE Off Spec
Sell LLDPE Off Spec
LLDPE Regrind
Buy LLDPE Regrind
Sell LLDPE Regrind
LLDPE Compounded
Buy LLDPE Compounded
Sell LLDPE Compounded
LLDPE Recycled Plastic
Buy LLDPE Recycled Plastic
Sell LLDPE Recycled Plastic
LLDPE Polymer
Buy LLDPE Polymer
Sell LLDPE Polymer
LLDPE Plastic
Buy LLDPE Plastic
Sell LLDPE Plastic
LLDPE Injection Moulding Grade
Buy LLDPE Injection Moulding Grade
Sell LLDPE Injection Moulding Grade
LLDPE Blow Moulding Grade
Buy LLDPE Blow Moulding Grade
Sell LLDPE Blow Moulding Grade
LLDPE Film Grade
Buy LLDPE Film Grade
Sell LLDPE Film Grade
Buy PE
Sell PE
PE Scrap
Buy PE Scrap
Sell PE Scrap
PE Virgin
Buy PE Virgin
Sell PE Virgin
PE Off Spec
Buy PE Off Spec
Sell PE Off Spec
PE Regrind
Buy PE Regrind
Sell PE Regrind
PE Compounded
Buy PE Compounded
Sell PE Compounded
PE Recycled Plastic
Buy PE Recycled Plastic
Sell PE Recycled Plastic
PE Polymer
Buy PE Polymer
Sell PE Polymer
PE Plastic
Buy PE Plastic
Sell PE Plastic
PE Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PE Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PE Injection Moulding Grade
PE Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PE Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PE Blow Moulding Grade
PE Film Grade
Buy PE Film Grade
Sell PE Film Grade
Sell PET
PET Scrap
Buy PET Scrap
Sell PET Scrap
PET Virgin
Buy PET Virgin
Sell PET Virgin
PET Off Spec
Buy PET Off Spec
Sell PET Off Spec
PET Regrind
Buy PET Regrind
Sell PET Regrind
PET Compounded
Buy PET Compounded
Sell PET Compounded
PET Recycled Plastic
Buy PET Recycled Plastic
Sell PET Recycled Plastic
PET Polymer
Buy PET Polymer
Sell PET Polymer
PET Plastic
Buy PET Plastic
Sell PET Plastic
PET Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PET Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PET Injection Moulding Grade
PET Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PET Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PET Blow Moulding Grade
PET Film Grade
Buy PET Film Grade
Sell PET Film Grade
Buy PI
Sell PI
PI Scrap
Buy PI Scrap
Sell PI Scrap
PI Virgin
Buy PI Virgin
Sell PI Virgin
PI Off Spec
Buy PI Off Spec
Sell PI Off Spec
PI Regrind
Buy PI Regrind
Sell PI Regrind
PI Compounded
Buy PI Compounded
Sell PI Compounded
PI Recycled Plastic
Buy PI Recycled Plastic
Sell PI Recycled Plastic
PI Polymer
Buy PI Polymer
Sell PI Polymer
PI Plastic
Buy PI Plastic
Sell PI Plastic
PI Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PI Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PI Injection Moulding Grade
PI Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PI Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PI Blow Moulding Grade
PI Film Grade
Buy PI Film Grade
Sell PI Film Grade
Buy PP
Sell PP
PP Scrap
Buy PP Scrap
Sell PP Scrap
PP Virgin
Buy PP Virgin
Sell PP Virgin
PP Off Spec
Buy PP Off Spec
Sell PP Off Spec
PP Regrind
Buy PP Regrind
Sell PP Regrind
PP Compounded
Buy PP Compounded
Sell PP Compounded
PP Recycled Plastic
Buy PP Recycled Plastic
Sell PP Recycled Plastic
PP Polymer
Buy PP Polymer
Sell PP Polymer
PP Plastic
Buy PP Plastic
Sell PP Plastic
PP Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PP Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PP Injection Moulding Grade
PP Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PP Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PP Blow Moulding Grade
PP Film Grade
Buy PP Film Grade
Sell PP Film Grade
Buy PS
Sell PS
PS Scrap
Buy PS Scrap
Sell PS Scrap
PS Virgin
Buy PS Virgin
Sell PS Virgin
PS Off Spec
Buy PS Off Spec
Sell PS Off Spec
PS Regrind
Buy PS Regrind
Sell PS Regrind
PS Compounded
Buy PS Compounded
Sell PS Compounded
PS Recycled Plastic
Buy PS Recycled Plastic
Sell PS Recycled Plastic
PS Polymer
Buy PS Polymer
Sell PS Polymer
PS Plastic
Buy PS Plastic
Sell PS Plastic
PS Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PS Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PS Injection Moulding Grade
PS Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PS Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PS Blow Moulding Grade
PS Film Grade
Buy PS Film Grade
Sell PS Film Grade
Sell EPS
EPS Scrap
Buy EPS Scrap
Sell EPS Scrap
EPS Virgin
Buy EPS Virgin
Sell EPS Virgin
EPS Off Spec
Buy EPS Off Spec
Sell EPS Off Spec
EPS Regrind
Buy EPS Regrind
Sell EPS Regrind
EPS Compounded
Buy EPS Compounded
Sell EPS Compounded
EPS Recycled Plastic
Buy EPS Recycled Plastic
Sell EPS Recycled Plastic
EPS Polymer
Buy EPS Polymer
Sell EPS Polymer
EPS Plastic
Buy EPS Plastic
Sell EPS Plastic
EPS Injection Moulding Grade
Buy EPS Injection Moulding Grade
Sell EPS Injection Moulding Grade
EPS Blow Moulding Grade
Buy EPS Blow Moulding Grade
Sell EPS Blow Moulding Grade
EPS Film Grade
Buy EPS Film Grade
Sell EPS Film Grade
HIPS Scrap
Buy HIPS Scrap
Sell HIPS Scrap
HIPS Virgin
Buy HIPS Virgin
Sell HIPS Virgin
HIPS Off Spec
Buy HIPS Off Spec
Sell HIPS Off Spec
HIPS Regrind
Buy HIPS Regrind
Sell HIPS Regrind
HIPS Compounded
Buy HIPS Compounded
Sell HIPS Compounded
HIPS Recycled Plastic
Buy HIPS Recycled Plastic
Sell HIPS Recycled Plastic
HIPS Polymer
Buy HIPS Polymer
Sell HIPS Polymer
HIPS Plastic
Buy HIPS Plastic
Sell HIPS Plastic
HIPS Injection Moulding Grade
Buy HIPS Injection Moulding Grade
Sell HIPS Injection Moulding Grade
HIPS Blow Moulding Grade
Buy HIPS Blow Moulding Grade
Sell HIPS Blow Moulding Grade
HIPS Film Grade
Buy HIPS Film Grade
Sell HIPS Film Grade
Sell PVC
PVC Scrap
Buy PVC Scrap
Sell PVC Scrap
PVC Virgin
Buy PVC Virgin
Sell PVC Virgin
PVC Off Spec
Buy PVC Off Spec
Sell PVC Off Spec
PVC Regrind
Buy PVC Regrind
Sell PVC Regrind
PVC Compounded
Buy PVC Compounded
Sell PVC Compounded
PVC Recycled Plastic
Buy PVC Recycled Plastic
Sell PVC Recycled Plastic
PVC Polymer
Buy PVC Polymer
Sell PVC Polymer
PVC Plastic
Buy PVC Plastic
Sell PVC Plastic
PVC Injection Moulding Grade
Buy PVC Injection Moulding Grade
Sell PVC Injection Moulding Grade
PVC Blow Moulding Grade
Buy PVC Blow Moulding Grade
Sell PVC Blow Moulding Grade
PVC Film Grade
Buy PVC Film Grade
Sell PVC Film Grade
Sell SAN
SAN Scrap
Buy SAN Scrap
Sell SAN Scrap
SAN Virgin
Buy SAN Virgin
Sell SAN Virgin
SAN Off Spec
Buy SAN Off Spec
Sell SAN Off Spec
SAN Regrind
Buy SAN Regrind
Sell SAN Regrind
SAN Compounded
Buy SAN Compounded
Sell SAN Compounded
SAN Recycled Plastic
Buy SAN Recycled Plastic
Sell SAN Recycled Plastic
SAN Polymer
Buy SAN Polymer
Sell SAN Polymer
SAN Plastic
Buy SAN Plastic
Sell SAN Plastic
SAN Injection Moulding Grade
Buy SAN Injection Moulding Grade
Sell SAN Injection Moulding Grade
SAN Blow Moulding Grade
Buy SAN Blow Moulding Grade
Sell SAN Blow Moulding Grade
SAN Film Grade
Buy SAN Film Grade
Sell SAN Film Grade
Buy Other
Sell Other
Other Scrap
Buy Other Scrap
Sell Other Scrap
Other Virgin
Buy Other Virgin
Sell Other Virgin
Other Off Spec
Buy Other Off Spec
Sell Other Off Spec
Other Regrind
Buy Other Regrind
Sell Other Regrind
Other Compounded
Buy Other Compounded
Sell Other Compounded
Other Recycled Plastic
Buy Other Recycled Plastic
Sell Other Recycled Plastic
Other Polymer
Buy Other Polymer
Sell Other Polymer
Other Plastic
Buy Other Plastic
Sell Other Plastic
Other Injection Moulding Grade
Buy Other Injection Moulding Grade
Sell Other Injection Moulding Grade
Other Blow Moulding Grade
Buy Other Blow Moulding Grade
Sell Other Blow Moulding Grade
Other Film Grade
Buy Other Film Grade
Sell Other Film Grade
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